Choose GRowth Campaign Anthem Film

Moving the conversation from “PTSD” to “PTG”

The Boulder Crest Foundation tasked us to create a brand film to kick off their CHOOSE GROWTH campaign. We had four weeks to write, direct, produce and deliver a powerful film that will inspire people globally. The mission was to change the stigma and the limitations of trauma. Most people see trauma as insurmountable; a full stop in the story of our lives. But what if it can be a catalyst for forging a new path — one filled with passion, purpose, connection, growth, and service? This is Posttraumatic Growth (PTG). For far too long we have focused exclusively on the negative impacts of trauma and struggle. The result: we are left feeling permanently diminished and damaged; a victim to the worst experiences of our life. That must change. Visit

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Director: Andrew Neymarc

Director/DP: Remy Neymarc

Executive Producer: Darren Goldberg

Producer: Sarah Verstraete

Production Manager: Gabi Wilson

Office PA: Camille Legallic

1st AD: Matt Hadley

2nd AD: Jojo Choi

Camera Operator: Dan Brauchili

1st AC: Elias Tejada

2nd AC/DIT: Martel Berry

Camera PA: Alexis Aguilar

Gaffer: Nate Airey

Swing: Sam Cleary

Key Grip: Matthew DiScala

Production Designer: Amanda Crout

HMU: Kaia Shi

Wardrobe Stylist: Maria Belderrain

Key PA: Lauren Nance

General PA: Andres Quiceno

General PA/Driving PA: Yasser Souisri

Driving PA: Kemp Atkinson

General PA/Driving PA: Quan Robinson

VFX: Ugo Angeletti

BTS Photo/Video: Sneha Fichtcher

BTS:  Kaci Peterson

Still Photographer: Scoff McDermott

Rolling Table: Marcia Rivas

Boxer: Jenna Gaglioti

Boxing Trainer: Eddy Ilunga

Female Boxer (BG): Lauren Pannell

Female Boxer (BG): Angelica Mancuso

Teen: Nathalie Sepulveda

Drummer: Luca Pironti

Painter: Sneha Fichtner

Veteran: Adam Popp

Athlete: Shamgar Cenat

Teacher: Lauren Gleason

Hero Teen: Shino Nakamichi

Police Officer: Michael Katz

Dad: Sergei Kuroedov

Businessman: Ray Ricciardi

Firefighter: Gerald Vaughan

Daughter: Simone Holt

Kid: Zaimari Selby

Kid: Zaiden Selby

Kid: Tara VanOmmeren-Arlee

Kid: Camden VanOmmeren-Arlee