Happy Valentine's Day - Short

Award Winning CGI Short-Film

A short film about how the downfall of a couple triggers the birth of a new love between two strangers. Told in slow-motion, in one unique camera sequence and in reverse. Because nothing can stop us.‍

What makes “Happy Valentine’s Day” so special is its combination of incredibly complex live action elements, the one unique camera move, the reverse, the slow motion and the fully created digital world. Due to budget constraints, we couldn’t afford to block an entire New York City intersection, so we decided to create an entire New York City street in CG. To properly integrate our real actors into this virtual environment, we custom built a 360 degree green screen arena that enabled us to control all aspects of the lighting and the background elements. The greatest challenge of this piece was to accomplish a very long and complex camera shot in a very small space. Because of the studio’s spatial constraints, we had to split up the film into four separate sequences that would then be stitched together later. Months of pre-production were spent calculating where the camera would start and end for each sequence, so that the transitions would be seamless.

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Written and Directed: The Neymarc Brothers

Visual Effects: Michael Tan & Remy Neymarc

Produced by: Sarah Verstraete & Darren Goldberg

Starring: Ralph Bracco, Rachel Winegar, Matthew Addison, Alexei Bondar, Kelly Rodgers, Margot Steinberg, William Kozy, Sayed Sirajul, Anders Davis

Executive Producers: Bill & Jaqui O'Brien, Ken O'Brien, Kevin & Véronique O'Brien, Michael A. Kaplan, Rowene Weems, Brian Detweiler, Simone Katagiri, James Dreher

Director Of Photography: Remy Neymarc

Assistant Director: Bill Silva Reddington

Casting by: Abba Charmichael

Additional Visual Effects: Corynn Egreczky, Boris Watrin, Nicole Estilow, Tarek Mosta

Roto/Paint Artists: Josh Jones, Adam Koubek, Sheila Sullivan, Liviu Dinu, Alin Dumitrud

Gaffer: Ryan Helfant

Best Boy Electric: Brian Yancou

Key Grip: Massey Davis

Best Boy Grip: Danny Green

Swing: Nick Perron-Siegel

Art Direction: Alan Bruckner

Set Designer: Jorge Urbaez

Prop Master: Chris Rowan

Carpenters: Chris Metz, Jimmy Brady

Stunt Coordinator: Drew Leary

Rigger: Corey Pierno

Steadycam: Nick Rubino

Hair & Make-Up: Tanya Blunder

VFX Consultants: Eric Miro & Carly Janks

Sound Designer: David Leaver

Production Assistants: Corynn Egreczky, Finn Morino, Erika Page, Paul Guerin, Dylan Eshbaugh, Mauricio Zambrano, Nick Heathcote, Katherine Case, Dana Pscolkoski, Desiree Punla, Nick Wise, Rachel Diamond

Thanks to: Atlantic Pictures Team, Lewis & Clark College Center for Entrepreneurship, Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages, Jonathan Goldstein