The Summit - Brand Film


This film served to launch the new observation deck of NYC’s newest skyscraper, which stands 1000 ft above Manhattan: SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. The experience makes you question your relationship to your environment, your connection to nature, and how you perceive yourself.

Our story centers around a young woman (ft. Yesenia Ayala) who feels the walls of her apartment closing in on her after a long period of confinement. After discovering the existence of a new world, she breaks free and experiences a reality that challenges her perception of her environment, nature, and herself.

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Client: SLG

Agency: Atlantic Pictures

Production: Neymarc Visuals / Atlantic Pictures

Directors: The Neymarc Brothers

Executive Producer: Darren Goldberg

Producer: Sarah Verstraete

VFX Supervisor: Michael Tan

VFX: Neymarc Visuals // BUF